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Partner With Premier
(and add value to your business!)

Premier Energy Group offers a partnership program that can help you increase revenues while strengthening your relationships with your customers. Whether you work as an independent contractor or would like to add energy procurement as a service offered by your own business, partnering with Premier could produce an additional revenue stream for you. You introduce potential customers to us and receive compensation for those clients who use our services. You receive a monthly commission as long as these customers continue to procure their energy through us.

Both you and your customers will benefit from:

• Our experience in the utility and deregulated energy industry

• Our deep knowledge of electricity and natural gas brokering

• Our proactive approach to energy consulting

• Our up-to-the-minute information on energy pricing and markets

• Our exceptional service and support

Whatever your industry, Premier’s partnership program can help you to diversify your business, build stronger customer relationships, and enhance your revenue stream.

To find out more about our partner programs, contact us today.


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